23, Ermou str, Thessaloniki, first floor.

Both a multifunctional space of actual solidarity towards immigrants and an open social centre, meeting point of various movements and political resistance groups.

Steki and its clubroom is open every evening after 19.00.

The managing assembly, which is responsible for  the operation of Steki, is open to whomever wants to contribute. We meet on Mondays, 20:30.

Anyone can voluntarily participate in the suportive actions of Steki, such as Greek and  foreign languages lessons, additional teaching to Junior High School and High School students, technical support of the computer lab, solidarity meals, but can also propose new projects.

Financially, Steki is solely supported by donations of the participating groups and the profits of the clubroom.

Everyone participating in Steki is equally responsible for everyday maintence, such as voluntary work at the clubroom and cleaning of Steki.

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In April of 2004 we created the Social Center of Immigrants in Thessaloniki, having in mind the creation of a place to host solidarity actions for immigrants, along with different political movements and structures of resistance. After five years of action, we took the initiative of creating a new Immigrant’s Place which will be more participatory, open, rich.

We think of the Social Center as a space of active solidarity against the exploitation of the market, the oppression of authorities, racism, sexism and the individualization of consumption. We want it to function on the notion of everyone’s equal participation, volunteering and self-organizing, beyond the logic of profit, dependence and sponsoring. Starting from this point we are open to anything. Besides, our target is not the creation of another political group, but the creation of a social center which will host different groups, actions and initiatives.

The Social Center-Immigrants’ Place is a political meeting place for social movements and solidarity actions for immigrants. It is a place we try our best to be free, open and accessible –especially now that our campaign which started with its opening and aimed to make it accessible to physically disabled people has been completed. Finally, it is a completely self-organizing place as it depends exclusively on the volunteering work of all of us who participate in it.

Our café-bar will be open from 19:00 to 23:00 every day, while different actions will take place such as:

·         greek, foreign language, music and tango classes

·         supporting teaching to Junior High School and High School students

·         legal consultancy to refugees and immigrants

·         rehearsals/ meetings of theatrical teams

·         rehearsals of immigrants’ dance groups

·         solidarity cuisine on Saturdays and Sundays

·         computer pool and exchange library

·         film screenings on Sundays

·         discussions, gatherings, assemblies, concerts, parties

Foster our actions with your participation

Join us to help them come true

Bring to the Social Center your friends and your ideas

Let’s make together the Social Center/Immigrants’ Place the place for political movement our city deserves to have!

(The Social Center- Immigrants’ Place is open every day after 19:00 – more information on its action can be found in its website http://socialcenter.gr. Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/socialcenterthess, FB group: Κοινωνικό Κέντρο / Στέκι Μεταναστών)